Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11 - We Will Never Forget

I just wanted to share the most fabulous pictures my mother took on September 11, 2004. These were taken in Vacaville at an event held in memory of that dreadful day. The top pic should be on the cover of a magazine. When I first saw it, I got chills all over. The red head is my daughter, and the other two cuties are my neice and nephew.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fabulous DressGreen Products!

I have a particular need when it comes to skin care, especially for my face. Being a borosilicate glass artist, I expose my skin to a harsh environment that contains carbon monoxide and all kinds of other toxic fumes produced by the combustion gasses, the metals and elements inside the glass used to create the color and harmful rays that come from the intense light produced by the flame. I have already noticed wrinkles forming in a few areas on my face as well and I want to stop those dead in their tracks! I am an avid Etsy shopper, and started to really hunt down a good product to use on my face when I come in from a Lampworking session. I discovered DressGreen's shop and have been so pleased with my purchases!

I saw the variety of facial serums available and didn't know which to choose. Each of them had an in depth explanation about the particular ingredients and how they benefited the skin. I contacted Lauren and presented my situation to her. I had a response within a few hours and she knew her stuff! She suggested I use the "Renewing Facial Serum - Carrot Seed and Lavender" because it has red rasberry seed in it which contains UV properties and carrot seed which is known to help revitalize maturing skin as well as being an excellent moisturizer with several other redeaming qualities.

I love it. As soon as I come in from the torch, I wash my face and apply this serum. It feels fabulous, and I feel like it helps me minimize the damage. I also bought some handmade bath soap bars from her and they were fantastic. The bars were hard and had a rich lather. This one was my favorite. It is cucumber and guava with apricot kernel and shea butter. The scent was fresh and it lasted a long time. I have since gone back and tried a few more soaps and love them all. I bought the rosemary peppermint shampoo bar and my husband has taken that over :) It is time to order some more. Thank you Lauren for making these skin loving products!