Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jamie Eason LiveFit 12 Week Trainer

I am currently following a body building program designed by the gorgeous fitness model Jamie Eason. She has a free program called the LiveFit Trainer. It is a 3 month program and I have learned so much about how to properly fuel your body when trying to build lean muscle and lose fat. It has transformed the way I think about dieting and food. I have always heard that you should consider it a lifestyle change instead of a diet and I finally have that mindset. I know that I didn't gain my excess weight quickly and that if done correctly it will not come off quickly.

The program has the mindset of eating the right food more often and never feeling hungry. If you eat every three hours, then your body eventually knows that you are not going to starve it, and it is ok to let go of the fat reserves. Eating this often also speeds up your metabolism.

There is a lot of exercising, especially weight lifting, which I never knew how to do properly before and I am glad to say I love it! Also, muscle burns more calories at rest, turning your system into a fat burning machine. For more information you can find her program here  She is adorable, the program is simple to follow with videos, printable menus and exercise guides. I am currently in Phase 2 and am starting to see some muscle definition with a 6 lb loss.

Here is a picture of her...