Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lily's First Birthday Party

Lily got invited to her first birthday party today! Her friend Maeci had a party at Black Diamond Kids Club. They had an instructor help them through the stations. Lily kept yelling "watch me mom!" It was very cute. Lily got her a gift set that had little ceramic dolls and a set of markers to color them with. Maeci loved it and Lily looked so happy when she opened it. They had fruit and cupcakes and Lily being her usual self ate all the fruit and just licked the frosting.
When it was time to go Lily tried to convince her Grandma and I that it wasn't over. She didn't want to put her shoes on. I am sure it went fast for her since she was having so much fun.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friendly Squirrel

We were at Adrienne's tournament this weekend and Stevie and Lily were playing with Dalton, Delanie and their cousins. Howe park is an older park and there was lots of older shade trees. As the kids were playing in the grass near the softball field and a hungry squirrel climbed down the tree and went right up to them. The kids were amazed at house the squirrel didn't seem fearful of people at all. One of the boys found a half eaten In-N-Out burger and tossed it to the squirrel. He came up, grabbed the burger and ran up to the lowest branch and ate it. The kids were so excited and called me over. I had some pb&j in the cooler and went to get them some pieces to give to the squirrel. He came back a few more times and the kids were thrilled every time. He eventually got full and laid out on a branch higher up in the tree.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stevie and Lily First Day of School

Our school starts earlier than most other districts. We only have about 6 weeks off for vacation. They call it modified traditional. Stevie is starting 1st grade and Lily is starting TK, which stands for Traditional Kindergarten. The birthday cutoff was changed from December 2 to November 2 this year, so all the kids that were born in November 2007 get free preschool from the state, at participating elementary schools. So, Lily falls in that category. She is very excited to finally go to school! She has been asking to go since she understood what it was. Here are some pics from the first day. Adrienne started high school! I can't believe I have a 9th grader. She is such a pretty young lady :)

Showing the Kids Our New House!

We have been trying to get a new house for months. Now it is finally time! We are supposed to close next week, one day before Steve's 34th birthday. Our realtor, Sammie, took us to show the kids the house for the first time. Here are some pics.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Adrienne Davenport - Bristow Middle School

Adrienne receiving the Oustanding Female Athlete Award at Bristow Middle School.
I can't believe she is headed to high school! Good job Adrienne! We are so proud of you :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Creative Marketing Twists To Make Your Business Stand Out

Definitely a great article worth reading... 10 Lessons in Marketing Brilliance published by Entrepreneur Magazine on January 25th. This article covers some of our biggest companies.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stevie and Lily Being Silly

I was photographing some jewelry and Lily asked if I would take a picture of her and her brother being silly... I know I need to get my camera settings figured out for indoors.

Stevie Lost His First Tooth!

He has had a loose tooth for about a week. Today it is barely hanging on. Real calm, I told him that my mom used to take a long piece of floss, tie it in a loop, put it around and under the tooth, then pull the strings to tie them tight and it would pop off the tooth. I didn't ask him if he wanted to do it, I just told him about it then changed the subject.

About a minute later he said "ok I want to do it!" I said ok and took him into the bathroom. I got the loop around the tooth but had trouble getting it under the tooth. Steve came in and took one of those plastic flossers and started helping me get the thread under it. Stevie stayed calm, even with four hands in his mouth now. The floss started to swell and now it was like 50 threads. Finally it was under and I couldn't do it. I handed it to Steve and he quickly jerked it out.

Stevie had a look of shock on his face, and looked like he didn't know if he was going to cry! I started clapping and screaming YAY it's out! and he ran to the mirror to look. Even through all the blood, he was pretty excited! The tooth fairy came that night and he got a whopping $5 bill.