Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friendly Squirrel

We were at Adrienne's tournament this weekend and Stevie and Lily were playing with Dalton, Delanie and their cousins. Howe park is an older park and there was lots of older shade trees. As the kids were playing in the grass near the softball field and a hungry squirrel climbed down the tree and went right up to them. The kids were amazed at house the squirrel didn't seem fearful of people at all. One of the boys found a half eaten In-N-Out burger and tossed it to the squirrel. He came up, grabbed the burger and ran up to the lowest branch and ate it. The kids were so excited and called me over. I had some pb&j in the cooler and went to get them some pieces to give to the squirrel. He came back a few more times and the kids were thrilled every time. He eventually got full and laid out on a branch higher up in the tree.

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