Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Fun Day

Yesterday I was a vendor at a local event. This is new for me, since I usually sell online or well planned home shows. It is quite a culture shock for me. The days are long, and I have very little control over the foot traffic or advertising for the event. I haven't been very happy with the last two I did as far as sales goes, but the marketing and network opportunities they have presented are quite unique.

I realized recently that even though I do a substantial amount of business all over the world, my community doesn't know me very well! I really enjoy getting to know other vendors, and here about the successes and failures of local entrepreneurs. I have made some good contacts and have good leads on future events. I also love to see what others are doing artistically. Nothing beats seeing art in person. Although photography can represent a piece fairly well, you can't beat the tactile experience.

I will post my events as I schedule them. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!