Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boro Class!

I took a class this last weekend with a very popular borosilicate glass artist. I often looked at his pieces and wondered how he did some of the things he did.... and now I have alot of insight on how to make amazing sculptural pieces and to achieve colors beyond my imagination. I am so excited to get torching!
We moved recently so my ventilation system is not completely set up yet. The combustion of oxygen and propane in the flame of this big tough torch has some pretty dangerous fumes and heavy metals, so they have to be pulled from torching area through a pretty complicated ventilation system... or at least it has been complicated to design it and pick up the components so far. I am anxiously awaiting the completion...
The class was from 9 to 5 both Saturday and Sunday and I came away with some pretty impressive pieces. I even won two of the pieces the teacher made in class! I am not too far off... I know how to pop out one colorful and round bead after another, but off mandrel techniques are a little harder to grasp because you have to be able to predict what the glass is going to do next. Very exciting! I will post pics of my class pieces soon.

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