Friday, May 11, 2012

Career Day at Loma Vista - Stevie Davenport

Today was career day at school. I volunteered in the class yesterday, and the teacher was asking all the kids what they wanted to be. They all pretty much said police officer, fireman, artist and teacher. I thought about what Stevie wanted to be, then I decided to be realistic and think of what we had at home to dress him up in!

When I told Steve, he thought about a lawyer or business man. We were missing a tie but otherwise had all the stuff for a suit. Instead, we went with a football player. since being Raiders fans of course we had stuff to dress Stevie up! We had the jersey, some white baseball pants handed down from his cousin Bennie and the black Nike eye black from his big sister Adrienne. I told him to pose for me before we left for school.

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