Friday, August 7, 2009

Boro Beads

I got a chance to make beads to day and they turned out really good! I am excited to clean and photograph them tomorrow. Since I have two toddlers, I rarely get to go to the garage studio during the day. Today I was able to get them both down for a nap within 15 minutes of each other. I grabbed the baby monitor and ran to the garage! I stayed out there for 3 1/2 hours because my husband made it home early and before the kids woke up. He said I could stay out there and he would tend to the little ones until they woke up. I loved it.

A long session like that can be pretty hard though because it is HOT! I am in Northern Cali so it was a hot day and being in the garage in front of a torch with a big flame is super hot. I usually don't spend more than 2 hours at a time either, but I had the time available to me so I went for it. I got 4 sets done and a few stragglers to add to my next orphan set. I will post some pics tomorrow. Good night!

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