Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Good morning! I have noticed with self employment there are no real days off. Tasks for home and work all seem to melt together and it is a concerted effort all day to make time for the business needs. Unfortunately I am not one of those that was born with a sharp attention span or a fabulous sense of organization, so often that is what I am putting the most effort in to. I have become quite a fan of coffee and absolutely love it, but am realizing it probably doesn't help my focus, just my motivation. I think it would be pretty entertaining to watch a video of my movements throughout the day. I think I will start researching natural remedies for adult ADD :) . Yesterday I promised some pictures of my new beads... what do you think?


Dionne said...

Hahahaha that the diaper snuck it's way in there! I don't have kidlets yet, but I know that will happen to me too! Little Lily is so cute!

ThePaperAddict said...

Love your blog Erin!

I love toddlers ( I don't have any ;) so I can love them from a distance! ) -- The other day I was hanging out, making breakfast, and dropped a little piece of bacon on the kitchen floor. Now this is not my kitchen floor, but my best friend's kitchen floor. Still it looks clean, so I quickly pop up the wayward bit of bacon, blow on it and promptly eat.
About 5 minutes later, my 2 1/2 year old "nephew" Wesley proudly proclaims "Aunt Holly! Daddy got a mouse!" "Really honey?" "Yes! And Mommy had a flashlight!!" "Hmmm... and when was this?" "Right over there!!!(points)" "I see... but was it Yesterday or a long time ago?" " YES!" "huh. How about that...."

;-) not like he could have mentioned this BEFORE I ate the bacon from the floor:)

And yes. he is very articulate for a toddler.