Sunday, February 19, 2012

Post Workout Muscle Growth

Since I have been working on getting in shape, I have done a lot of research on slimming down. Something that came up in every search was muscle building. I always thought I had to burn this fat off on the treadmill or other torturous cardio machine, and that is also why I never stuck with it. I hate putting in time on a cardio machine.

Turns out weight lifting/muscle building will do the job even better. Many female fitness models don't do much cardio at all! At rest, muscle burns more calories than fat so you speed up your metabolism but building muscle tissue.

To build muscle tissue is quite a scientific process. Here is an article that will introduce you to the concept of food as fuel for muscles and I will be posting many more in the future.


SleightGirl said...

I didn't know that! I do usually wait 90 minutes before eating anything as after a workout I'm not hungry, but then I've been eating fiber which I guess is totally wrong.


SerendipitybyErin said...

You are welcome! I suggest reading articles from Muscle and Fitness Hers and the website for more information on when to eat what. When we change our thinking about food as entertainment and more as fuel, it makes sense. Good luck!